Juvenile Dependency and Delinquency:

  • DHS Founded/ Substantiated Challenges and Appeals
  • Dependency Matters: Parents, Child(ren), and Grandparents/ Intervenors
  • Delinquency: Violations, Misdemeanors, Felonies, and Measure 11
  • All other Juvenile Matters

If you are a minor being charged with a crime, the parent of a minor being charged with a crime, or you are a parent whose minor child has been removed from your care by the Department of Human Services, Michelle S. Bartov can help you through this difficult process.

Juvenile Delinquency charges are different from adult criminal charges because juveniles are fundamentally different than adults. The juvenile system is focused on rehabilitation, but may still carry the risk of time in juvenile detention or in the custody of the Oregon Youth Authority. Michelle will discuss the options available to each juvenile, and their parents if the juvenile wishes, with an individualized, client-centered approach.

Juvenile Dependency cases begin with a child being removed from the care of their parents. This happens when DHS believes there is a safety threat that places the child at risk of immediate harm. Michelle has substantial experience representing parents and children in these matters, and is also happy to represent parties who wish to intervene in these cases. If your child has been taken from your care there are very important obligations and timelines placed on DHS that ensure oversight by the court system. The firm can help to ensure these obligations and timelines are being stringently adhered to and will assist you in advocating for the return of your child or children.

If you wish to appeal a DHS “founded” or “substantiated” finding, Michelle can guide you through each step of the appeal process. These findings have a brief window in which appeal is possible. A finding of this nature may prevent an individual from being a foster parent or care provider, and may be used against you in future DHS proceedings.